Release date:2018-04-26
Event Date 106年9月6日(三)下午13時30分
Event Location 財團法人中衛發展中心中區服務處(台中市西屯區台灣大道四段925號20樓之2)
Organizer 經濟部工業局
Executive Unit 財團法人中衛發展中心
co-Organiser 財團法人中衛發展中心
Participants MIT微笑產品獲證業者
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Cost Free
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  Taiwan's economy remains export-oriented, and external trade plays an important role in Taiwan’s economic development. Hence, “linking up to the world and participating in global integrated activities” is the core of government’s external economic and trade policy.

  In order to enhance Taiwan’s growth dynamics of external trade, the government actively promotes the signing of economic cooperation agreements with main trading partner countries. Among them, the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (ECFA) entered on June 29, 2010 and put into effect on September 12, 2010 plays the key role in effectively opening the market in China and gaining the advantage of entering the Chinese market earlier than its competitors and attracting foreign investments in Taiwan. It will help Taiwan to serve as priority partners for foreign businesses when investing in China, to keep the foundations of the industrial supply chains in Taiwan and to increase the opportunities for Taiwanese businessmen to purchase from Taiwan and foster industrial competitiveness. With these benefits, Taiwan will be become the industrial and logistics center. In coordination with other economic cooperative agreements, Taiwan will be able to integrate with global economic and trade systems and internationalize its economic and trade investments.

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