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Taiwan Super Boy
The picture of Taiwan Super Boy
  • Chinese Name:臺灣超寶
  • English Name:Taiwan Super Boy
  • Personality:Honest, kind and gentle
  • Pet Phrase:The Best MIT

Taiwan Super Boy is the spokesperson of the taiwan-made MIT smile product certification system shouldered with supervision and promotional responsibilities.


  • aiwan Super Boy has the purest and cutest smile and brightest eyes; on his chest, the silver blue Taiwan logo shows the proof of authentic product quality. With the warm smiling image, Taiwan Super Body is the representative for introducing “safe, healthy, and reliable” good products accredited with the MIT Smile Logo.
  • The MIT Smile Logo on the head of Taiwan Super Boy symbolizes the proof of trust for consumers.
  • Taiwan Super Boy loves Taiwan Red Cape and with it, he feels energetic. The Cape of Taiwan Super Boy symbolizes the assistance to the industries to enhance their competitiveness that makes Taiwan-made products leaders in the international markets.