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The Certification System
Product Classification for the Application of MIT Smile Logo Use
Type 1 Products
(Products Made by Industries with Improved Counseling)
After evaluation, 22 industries are included in Type 1 Industries that focus on domestic demands, have lower competitiveness, and are vulnerable to the impact of free trade including.
Type 2 Products
(General Products Adopting Specific Quality Accreditation)
  1. Conditions to be accredited:
    • Products meet the recognition conditions of Taiwan-made originals;
    • With in-bound inspection-related screening/management mechanism as well as reliable specific product accreditation system;
    • With more than one product safety inspection criteria;
    • Reasonable product accreditation fees and amounts
  2. Method for System Accreditation:
    Accreditation institutions should be appointed by the competent authority and the application with the application form and relevant document proofs should be submitted to the Industrial Development Bureau.
Type 3 Products
(Other General Products except for Types 1 and 2)
The System adopts the recognition principles of “the priority of ease, product value, relevance, export markets, and consensus.”


Certification App

Taiwan MIT Smiling product verification process diagram illustrates


Certification Criteria
  1. The Taiwan-made MIT Smile Product Certification System is voluntarily participated in by manufactures and accredited by independent third-party accreditation institutions authorized by the Industrial Development Bureau.
  2. The Taiwan-made MIT Smile product certification includes Identification of product origins and quality certification; quality certification includes product quality and facory quality management system

Taiwan MIT  Smiling product certification reference chart legend